Now with 100% more fish markets.

February 08, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Seattle is a neat place. The traffic is as bad as any other massive city, but everyone is really cool about it. No one blocks intersections, cars stop at crosswalks, and the highways seem really polite. All the people are weird and busy, and even the newspapers are hip and relevant.

It isn't without it's problems: with all the huge tech companies come young kids earning huge salaries, so all the crappy apartments are really expensive and nobody seems no know they shouldn't be paying two grand a month just to live in a Guinea pig cage right next to their job. Even the outlying areas are expensive, as the companies expand faster than the housing can keep up. Homelessness is a big deal, but the folks who want it dealt with the most aren't those who know how or want to solve the problem – they just want to deal with the single symptom they see every day.

Lots of the goings on are completely above my head, as the week before I got here I was calmly photographing aggressive adolescent bighorn sheep in the Badlands. The construction, the shipping, the tech companies, all are on a scale I have trouble comprehending. This is one reason I came here – personal growth is only possible when comfort is abandoned and the boundaries of your vision are expanded.

I'm honestly more at ease walking into the den of a black bear than I am talking to strangers on the phone. Now, here I am in a massive city full of opportunities that don't involve wild animals and all I have to do is overcome a laundry list of social ineptitudes in order to thrive in it.

Looking at the websites of other photogs who are doing what I'd like to do, I'm going to have to pay far more attention to how I'm shooting to compete. They aren't doing anything I don't know how to do, (although their equipment is probably better) but most of my great images are the result of finding things that look good, while theirs are constructs, built by average looking things lit and composed well. That matters more when more than half the days are overcast and rainy.

However, I know from past experience that there are few things I can't do if I just try it once (other than shellfish) so I'm going to dive in head first and we'll just have to wait and see where I surface.  


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