Curate your own entertainment.

April 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I hate the new Instagram algorithm. It has effected my feed, in a noticeable and negative way. I hear and read opinions about it filtering out bots or being better because consistently good content will float to the top and shit like that. I have a different solution: don't follow shit accounts. I follow just a few select accounts, mostly photographers and friends, a few woodworkers, who all churn out interesting, personally engaging images and stories every day. I follow those people because I want to see all of those images, each day. I set aside time to scroll through the whole feed to see what they've posted, and the algorithm has thrown that formerly enjoyable habit straight out the digital window. I don't follow brands that I don't actually care about and wouldn't want to see. I may not “like” each and every image, but I care about looking at every single picture that my followees have posted. The predictability of the medium was a powerful tool in the artist's arsenal, and Instagram has removed that functionality in favor of following the footsteps of its big brother Facebook. I know Gary Vee likes it and he's usually right, but I'm standing my ground on this one. Once I put content on the web I know it goes whooshing off into space and I can't do anything about it, but I want absolute control over the things I choose to see and the order I prefer to see them in. Curate your own entertainment, don't rely on a math problem to do it for you.   

If you like any of the work on this website, I post non-project work every day as @taylorthornephotography.  I can't promise personal engagement.



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